“Marilyn is in my head so when I am doing the poses at home I can run through her instructions and make sure I am doing them correctly. When my body starts “talking to me” I now have tools to use that will help calm things down. You want to come to her class. She is so knowledgeable about the body and she willingly shares this information with us, the “how’s and why’s.” She uses a lot of humor and obviously cares about each person in the class. I would definitely recommend her class to someone who wants to understand how his/her body works and how to function more smoothly and with less discomfort. She can devise a personal program to help you use your body more intelligently and carefully. Not only does this help with pain but it gives you more confidence.”


“Flexibility, strength, and a routine workout were important for me. I absolutely saw/noticed less weakness in my arms and legs. I now have the ability to get up from the floor without help. My arms and legs do not tire during workouts and I have more strength. Marilyn is knowledgeable, patient has a great sense of humor, and make you look forward to coming to her classes. I would recommend her to everyone!! Seniors need to keep mobile and ensure they do things to stay flexible. Marilyn’s classes help meet that goal/need. Marilyn is pure joy. She encourages her class to go beyond their expectations without hurting themselves. She has interesting explanations of yoga practices and background.”


“Through yoga therapy I wanted to improve pain and stiffness in my right knee, to increase strength and flexibility in my hips, and to strengthen my back and neck. She taught me specific poses to work on the muscles that support the joints and gave me good alternatives to make a pose the most beneficial for me. My knee is better and more stable, but the best was the elimination of my hip pain! She is always encouraging and supportive. Her knowledge of yoga and human anatomy is impressive. We always learn something new. And, we love her sense of humor! I would recommend Marilyn to everyone, but especially those who need to find a solution to pain and inflexibility. Yoga classes have made such a difference in my battle with arthritis; it has been remarkable as well as fun!”

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