Ni! Yoga
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“Ni!” is a Cherokee word for “Look!”

Everyday life and all that goes with it is influenced by breath, movement, and stillness. Integrate the dimensions of self!

Yoga Therapy

Do you wonder what the difference is between a regular yoga class and a yoga therapy? Both are valid. In a yoga class the focus is the practice or techniques of yoga. Yoga therapy focuses on getting help with a symptom or condition that is affecting your overall health. Yoga tools such as breathing techniques, movement, meditation, and various methods of self-care can help you to reach the goals that are most important to you. It starts with an intake and assessment and as a team we determine the yogic tools that are most likely to help you reach your goals.

Yoga Classes

Private Classes

Through one-on-one work, learn the basics of yoga or be guided to greater confidence in your current practice. You will learn how to honor your body as it is and to express your practice in the body that you are in now.

Corporate Classes

A yogic break during the workday could lead to better intuition, communication, productivity, and morale. Contact us for more information.

Retreats / Private Occasions

Have a special occasion coming up or just want to spend time with friends? Host a private yoga retreat locally, at home, church, or for a social or civic group. Contact us for more information.

Group Classes

Gentle Yoga, Tuesday and Wednesday, 10 AM

Low impact gentle yoga that improves strength and coordination in the body. Yoga is performed using a chair and other props to enhance balance and strength. It also helps to relieve stress and bring calmness to the mind. It is appropriate for any type of mobility. Art of Movement, Workhouse Arts Center, Bldg, 11

Yoga for Your Back, Wednesday, 7:30 PM

Have low back pain? Learn yoga strategies to get find relief in your practice. Start with subtle, micromovements to develop awareness before transitioning to big movements. Use somatic intelligence (listening to your body) to sense each pose and find ease in each, rather having the objective to simply move further. Art of Movement, Workhouse Arts Center, Bldg 11